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Really hate when it’s been going on all fucking day and then you get cockblocked, ugh, yes it was my fault but I didn’t intend for it to happen! We need a redo of yesterday please, Superman ;P

Hahahaha oh god, the people here. You got one bitch who’s from the city so she thinks she’s ghetto and badass and has had harassment charges brought against her who’s trying to fight like 2 different people, a dumbass who only talks about the UFC and MMA and thinks he’s going into the Marines (yeah right!) who can’t put a fucking sentence together to make it remotely comprehend-able, the first bitch’s friends who think they’re bad, and a slut who wants to “kill a bitch (;” This is on top of basically the rest of the population here who are just fucking retardedddd. Can I please leave now?!

Busted... xD

  • (At the store with my mom, talking to my best friend's mom about college)

  • Mom:

    What's it about Rhode Island that you're so stuck on?

  • Me:

    I don't know, I just like the school and I like New Eng...

  • Mom:

    And where does Eaton live?

  • Me:

    ...Rhode Island... xD

  • Best Friends Mom:


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